Programme (EBNA)

Agenda eng

24th EBNA Conference
11th EAG Meeting
6-7 October 2011, Krakow/POLAND

Meeting Venue:
Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
17 Sławkowska Str., Krakow


6th October 2011 (Thursday)

 8:30-9:30        Registration


Address by Opening of the conference: Władysław Stępniak
– General Director of the State Archives of Poland

10:00-11:30    I. Role and activity of state archives in the process of establishment
of e-administration – achievements, challenges and issues

Maciej Groń – Legal and organisational situation of public administration
informatization in Poland

Zbigniew Solarski – Implementing an electronic documentation
management in the Voivodeship Office of Subcarpathia in Rzeszów

Ewa Perłakowska – Role and activities of national archives in the process
of building an e-administration in Poland

11:30-12:00    Coffee break

12:00-13:30    II. Archives in the open society education process – good practices

Frances McGee – National Archives of Ireland: Making the Census
archives available to all

Silvestre Lacerda – Keeping memories, clearing ways

Jolanta Louchin – The “Polish political emigration to Norway during
the 1981 Martial Law” project realised by the State Archives of employee
records in Milanówek

Monika Krzencessa-Ropiak – The use of the European Solidarity Centre
resources in its educational projects

13:30-14:30    Lunch

14:30-16:00    III. Principle of open access to public archives and its limitations.
Selected sensibility areas of the data collected in public archives

Andreas Kellerhals – Records Life Cycle Management: Pragmatic
Approach to an Ideal

Hervé Lemoine – Archives and freedom

Jozef Hanus – Archival service and access to archives
in the Slovak Republic

Dariusz Grot – Freedom of information and sensitive data protection

Rafał Leśkiewicz – The implementation of the policy of open access to
communist intelligence records and the protection of sensitive information

16:00-16:30    Coffee break

16:30-17:30    Discussion, remarks and questions

20:00-22:30    Gala dinner


7th October 2011 (Friday)


9:00-10:00      JOINT SESSION with EAG

IV. Protection of dispersed archive heritage – example of Poland

Martin Ivanov – The Long Way Home: Bulgarian Trophy Documents
after WW-II

Grzegorz Mędykowski – Polish experience of protecting
a dispersed archival heritage

10:00-10:30    Coffee break

10:30-11:30    Presentation on APEnet/APEX
Information on the DLM Meetings in Warsaw and Brussels


11:30-12:00    CLOSING SESSION

12:00-13:00    Lunch


13:00-15:15    EAG  Meeting (prepared by the European Commission)

15:15-16:00    Coffee