DLM Forum (Document Lifecycle Management Forum)                                              

The DLM Forum was created through an initiative of the European Commission in 1997 with support from the public archives of European Union member states. Since 2002 (that is, since the third conference in Barcelona), it has been an independent body and that attracts members from both the public and private sector involved in information archiving and the management of archival materials. DLM Forum is currently one of the most important European bodies setting standards and guidelines for archival work, as well as the management of traditional and electronic documents.

The first two DLM Forum meetings were held in 1996 and 1999; they were organised by the European Commission in Brussels. During these sessions the practice of holding two meetings per year (in spring and autumn) in the Member State currently holding the Presidency of the European Union Council, was adopted. The latest meeting took place in Budapest in May 2011. Moreover, an international conference is held every three years in one of the EU Member States. The last one was organized in December 2008 in Toulouse (France).

Membership in the DLM Forum is open to any organization and private person, as well as to countries from outside of the EU, interested in the pursuit of goals established by the DLM. The main members of this body are institutions such as archives, academic, scientific and research centers, public and private organizations. Members are required to pay an annual membership fee.

One of the main fields of activity of the DLM Forum is work pertaining to the creation of a model of electronic document management. In 2001, the first version of the standard model was published, known as MoReq (Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records). It established the basic requirements for electronic systems of documentation management. In the following years, the standard evolved and MoReq2 was developed. In 2008, a board whose task was to manage the standards (The MoReq Governance Board) was put in place. It is responsible for further administration and trial implementation of the standard.

The next meeting of DLM Forum members will take place in Warsaw (Poland).
Venue: Novotel Warszawa Centrum
ul. Marszałkowska 94/98, 00-510 Warszawa
Date: 7-8th November 2011

Provisory agenda of the meeting:

On the first day of the session, a working meeting of DLM members who translate the MoReq2  standard into national languages shall take place. Thus far, 8 language versions have been prepared (French, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Slovenian, Catalan, Romanian and Estonian); Polish language version is expected to be completed in autumn. On the second day, when deliberations will be open to the general public, papers concerning the issue of MoReq2010 standard knowledge dissemination shall be presented, together with those concerning practicalities of its implementation in Poland and in neighboring countries. Representatives of Polish IT companies are listed amongst the speakers. The sessions shall be attended by representatives of archival institutions and bodies from Eastern and Central Europe, representatives of Polish national authorities, of government administration (voivodships) and local administration, as well as the employees of state archives in Poland. Simultaneous translation of the sessions (English-Polish and Polish-English) shall be provided by the organizers.